TAXI- What. Does. A. Yellow. Light. Mean?

Welcome back to Spring Break Week at Ponch’s Disco-Rama. Unfortunately, I’m still out of town, so that’s means more No Comment Needed.

Today’s segment is brought to us by the folks at Taxi, the sitcom that ran from 1978-1982 on ABC & then on NBC for one more year.

This comes from the Season 2 episode, “Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey”. In order to drive a cab, Jim (obviously) needs to get a license. The other cabbies go with him to the DMV.

In 2009, TV Guide ranked this as #51 of the 100 Greatest Episodes.



    1. No surprise when you think about the writing staff. The episode was written by Glen & Les Charles ( creators of Cheers) and supervised by Ed. Weinberger (creator of Night Court) and James L. Brooks of Simpson’s fame. That is one hell of a writing room.


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